Recovering a Linksys WRT350Nv1 from soft brick…

If you can still ping your router, I would first recommend you try to TFTP the official firmware back to the device.

If that does not work, and you believe your boot loader is still intact, you will need to add a serial port to the WRT350Nv1. After having done that, connect the serial port to your PC. I use a USB to DB9 converter to do this for my laptop.

On Windows, open up Telnet (or Hyper Terminal) and add a new connection. I named mine ‘WRT350N’.

Select your COM port and continue.

When prompted, use the following:

Bits per second: 115200 (This is important!)
Data bits: 8
Parity: none
Stop bits: 1
Flow control: none

Once you are all set in Telnet, power on the device.

You should see the boot process in Telnet. If you do not, you may have to hold the reset button while powering on. Press ctrl+c to interrupt the boot process. You should be at the CFE command prompt within Telnet if you are successful.

Use the commands:

nvram set boot_wait=on
nvram commit

This sets the router to wait at boot time for about 3 seconds. This will allow us to try to TFTP into the router during boot.

By default, your router will set it’s IP address to so you will need to set your computer’s IP address to an address within that subnet before proceeding (say You will also need the router’s firmware (be sure to select the correct hardware version).

Next, open up a command prompt and enter your TFTP statement:

tftp -i put <insert firmware filename>

Hit enter in the command prompt and then immediately reboot the router either by issuing the ‘reboot’ command or by cycling the power. Once rebooted, Telnet and the command prompt should show the TFTP transfer status. When done, the new firmware should be automatically flashed and the device should reboot. Wait a few minutes for all the necessary changes to happen and then browse to to verify the firmware has been installed correctly.

Congratulations! You have revived your soft bricked Linksys WRT350Nv1 router! Now go play with DD-WRT!

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