My first rant…

I hate how Google’s services are oriented around having one, and ONLY one, account! Furthermore, some of their services seem to be lacking in areas, such as Android Market. I just experienced the worst experience I have ever had with a Google Service.

I did not realize that the Android Market is now capable of accepting multiple accounts. Furthermore, I did not realize that I had accidentally downloaded some apps while the market was logged into an account I do not wish for my phone to be associated with.

I thought “No problem. I’ll just go delete my phone from the Android Market account.” Turns out, you cannot delete an Android device from the market once it is added. You can only hide it from the menus. This is very, very frustrating.

At the same time I am testing out some Chromium OS builds (brought to us by Hexxeh) on my Acer 5610z laptop. Hexxeh has done an AMAZING JOB and I hope he keeps up the good work. Back to the point: My opinion of Chromium OS is that it is nowhere near being ready to be released to the public. This OS should still be in the Beta stage. Nonetheless, I do like it. I prefer to do things in it rather than starting up Ubuntu for some strange reason. (I never thought I would but, I do.)

A few problems with the OS is:

1. No way to edit files locally (aside from command line editing)
2. Sometimes it gets very slow, bogged down on certain web pages, even locking up with no way to reset (sysrq won’t work)
3. Cannot log in to multiple accounts, making it hard to use if you have multiple Google accounts
4. Because of the above, I cannot listen to my music on one account and check my mail on another or have another account up on the Android Market
5. Google seems to assume everyone has unlimited bandwidth, I do not have a fast enough connection to listen to my music on Google Music and be able to play a YouTube video! This one is very annoying because guess what, the music AND the video start to skip…
6. If I had local storage, things like problem number 3 and 4 would be solved. I could listen to my music locally and then my video on YouTube wouldn’t skip.
7. They’ve changed the shortcut keys for some things like, F3 is refresh instead of F5. This is annoying also. There is no way to customize the keys either.
8. Lastly, the most frustrating of all, no Find As You Type (FAYT) feature. Chrome does not include any way to FAYT. I come from using Firefox and find this is an indispensable tool that should be included in every browser. The one extension that exists for Chrome does not do the job sufficiently and I am therefore left with having to remember to type CTRL-F before I start typing away at my search. Did I mention this is very annoying?!

There are many other issues with the OS that people are finding. The above are just a few that I have observed.

Overall the OS has a good foothold at what it wants to be but, is not totally finished or polished off.

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